What Makes a Great Founder

When a founder witnesses or experiences a problem, it becomes their burning mission to solve it. As it begins to occupy their minds day and night, they need to share it with the people around them. Outlier CEO and Founder Jamie Burke breaks down the founder’s journey from insight to execution.

Diffusion Best Bits #2, with Arinze Clifford of Outlier Ventures

We’re back with another episode highlighting some of the best conversation at Diffusion Digital, curated by Arinze Clifford of Outlier Ventures as he goes through a few of his favourite moments. If you found these discussions exciting you can sign up for our next event at https://ov.click/pddsdfq122 Want to be a guest on The Metaverse […]

So what is the Open Metaverse?

Despite the hype around the Metaverse, few people fully understand its potential. Dive into the technological, economic, and social system that is fundamentally changing the web.

MEV – Extracting Value Post-Merge

Listen for a discussion around learning about MEV and how it operates, relationship between MEV and DeFi protocols and toxic and non-toxic MEV.

Examining Crypto Regulation

Join for a discussion around crypto regulations around the world, and Ripple’s view on the Web3 legal space.

Switching from Web2 to Web3

Listen to a riveting conversation about Oleg’s transnational journey through to how SweatCoin is transforming incentives around exercise.

Meet the next 33 teams building in the Metaverse!

Outlier Ventures is proud to present the 33 teams that we are accelerating this season! The teams are split across 4 Base Camp accelerator programs in partnership with FARFETCH, The HBAR Foundation, Protocol Labs and Polkadot. We have hand selected the best start-ups from over 1000 applications, to accelerate the teams that are shaping the […]

Scaling the Open Web

Listen to discover NEAR Foundation’s vision for a decentralized web and how to build a more diverse and inclusive Web3 space.

DeFi for the Metaverse, the Audiobook with Jamie Burke

We believe the next phase of growth in the evolution of DeFi will come not from better integration into the existing financial system, more regulation or real-world assets and CeFi, but instead, by unlocking digital value already native to the Metaverse. For today’s SPECIAL EPISODE, we bring you our very own Jamie Burke with the […]

Web3 Explained

As we move to a more automated world, the ability for users to trust the web is ever-more important. Web3 is an important mission for us all as citizens and users.

NFT Innovation, with Nate Alex of Secret Project Team

On this episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we are joined by Nate Alex, creator of ChainFaces, and CMO of Secret Project a group working towards innovation on-chain and combining new systems with social experiments and market mechanisms with a goal to continually build fresh experiences through NFTs. Today, Jamie Burke and Nate return to chat […]

Non-fungible Gaming, with Tobias Batton of Ex Populus

Today, we talk to the CEO and Founder of Ex Populus, Tobias Batton. Ex Populus is working with the next generation of content creators to help enable their vision, by partnering with them as a world-class publisher and business partner, with current work including LAMEVerse, Iron Pigeons and GigaUnits. In this episode of The Metaverse […]

Metaverse Hiring, with Esther O’Callaghan of Hundo

Today on The Metaverse Podcast, we talk to Esther O’Callaghan, founder of hundo.careers, a progressive jobs platform designed to connect forward-thinking employers with Gen Z talent, with the intention of ending youth unemployment, due to a broken recruitment industry model. Esther and Jamie Burke discuss being a female founder, growing up in Blackpool, the breakdown […]

Tokens Inside NFTs, with Ben Lakoff of Charged Particles

On this week’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we’re talking to Ben Lakoff, Co-Founder of Charged Particles, a new protocol that allows users to put digital assets inside NFTs – ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 – giving creators the power to utilise ‘nested’ NFTs. Ben and Jamie Burke discuss Ben’s background and origin, DeFi intersecting the […]

Advice for aspiring Web3 Founders

In this video Members from Outlier Ventures’ Base Camp give advice to Web3 Founders, if you’re thinking of becoming a founder, here’s a good place to start.

What is dCommerce

What is Decentralized commerce? And how can it transform how people buy and sell goods.