”Vectors are the native language of Machine Learning Models”


In this episode of The Metaverse Podcast, Daniel Svonava, CEO and founder of Superlinked, joins our host Jamie Burke.

The conversation covers essential aspects of Daniel’s journey, the evolution of Superlinked, a startup at the forefront of turning data into vectors.

Listen to a discussion that unlocks the power of data and unveils the potential of vectorization in shaping the future of machine learning and data-driven solutions.

Tune in to:

  • Understand Daniel’s background, including his tech leadership at YouTube, and explore how Superlinked evolved from after their time in our accelerator program to a Web3 adjacent startup.
  • Uncover the bottleneck in unlocking the true value of data due to the scarcity of skilled machine learning engineers and data scientists.
  • Understand the concept of turning data into vectors, akin to points in multi-dimensional space, and how this process becomes the native language of machine learning models.
  • Explore the application of vectorization in addressing challenges with open-ended user interactions, such as chatbots, and balancing control and relevance.
  • Gain insights into broader industry trends, including the rise of language models like GPT, and the role of vectorization in enhancing machine learning workloads.
  • Learn about Superlinked’s position as a computational framework bridging the gap between raw data and vectorized data, simplifying the complex process of creating and managing vectors.

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