Predicting the Long Term Value of NFTs; Cloud Streaming & the Metaverse

In case you haven’t come across non-fungible tokens already, here’s a short explainer: non-fungible tokens act as unique identifiers for digital items, allowing a creator to assign an unhackable string of data to a product, which is tradable via blockchain. This has multiple use-cases, but most importantly, we can now uniquely identify the owner of […]

What is the Secret to Building Valuable Tokens?

 What is the Secret to Building Valuable Tokens? What are Token Architectures? Architecture is both the process and the product of planning and designing structures, while tokens represent assets or utility on a blockchain, which is a decentralised ledger or database. Token architecture is thus both the process and product of planning and designing […]

DIA: From stealth to a $15m raise in 7 months

DIA joined our Base Camp accelerator program (open now) in September 2019. By the end of the program in December he had already secured a solid SaaS revenue stream pipeline, multiple advisors, public funding and already started thinking about taking the product to the next level in the way we see it today 9 months […]

HealthClaim: Scalable digital healthcare agent

The Sovrin Network is creating a global metasystem for identity. Decentralised identity is an integral part of the Convergence Stack, with Sovrin as the premier solution to enable it.