Blitzscaling ZIP: Introducing ZIPdao

As a community, ZIP is open and inclusive by default. It does not discriminate. In order to effectively align and coordinate a rapidly growing community around our shared goal, we believe a DAO with simple, but well designed, governance is critical. Therefore we are excited to announce the soft launch of ZIPdao.

The Role of DAOs in Web3

As Web3 emerges, DAOs will become the de facto organisational structure; digital and global with broad-based governance. An organisational structure fit to support trusted peer-to-peer interactions.

Pathway to Decentralisation

Decentralisation is often cited as the core metric by which all blockchain projects are measured. But what exactly is decentralisation? Is it a starting point or destination? Is it quantifiable or even desirable in every instance? This has become increasingly pressing now the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) has explicitly communicated ‘decentralisation’ as a determining factor in whether it categorises a crypto-asset (aka token) as a security.

Blockchains in Developing Economies: The Pre-Banking Foundations

Pillars for a new era of banking for the poor through identity, governance, data protection and open-data.
Many early proponents of the Bitcoin network believed Bitcoin would disrupt the financial system in emerging economies. Censorship resistance, low entry barriers, minuscule fees and round the clock access meant a new world of opportunities.