7 Steps for a Successful Equity Fundraising Campaign: Part I

As VCs we have been in the industry for a long time. Sometimes we forget how difficult it can be to navigate. So as we graduate another cohort, we present you with the Fundraising Playbook. We like to keep the process simple. By sticking to 7 fundamental steps, you can take away the anxiety from the unknown. Let’s dive in.

HealthClaim: Scalable digital healthcare agent

The Sovrin Network is creating a global metasystem for identity. Decentralised identity is an integral part of the Convergence Stack, with Sovrin as the premier solution to enable it.

Token Curated Registry Part 4

In this project, as part of Outlier Ventures’ Research Programme with the Imperial Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering and in collaboration with Ocean Protocol and MusicMap, a group of six students from Imperial College share their fourth blog post where they explain their goal of building a TCR Simulator.

Cleaning up crypto, let’s get back to the future!

2017 has been one hell of a year for everyone in crypto. However, like all those who have been involved professionally for many years now, on the one hand we feel vindicated (and a little wealthier), on the other hand frustrated.

99% of Blockchain Startups are Bullshit

Are you also getting the feeling blockchain is a load of bullshit? Are you struggling to see how any of this will ever make any money? Fear not we help you cut through the hype and explain our ‘blockchain +’ investment thesis.